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Authentic and charismatic

Restauration 16x27 coloris Brumaire

Restauration 16x27 coloris Brumaire
    • Picture of the Restauration 16x27  clay tile
      Restauration 16x27 clay tile photo
    • Characterful

      The Restauration 16/27 is the re-creation of an old tile with the technical qualities of a new one. It is a classic plain tile, made of clay, like its forerunners. It is manufactured at Grossouvre in the Berry region. Available on special order only

      • Rustique Foncé
      • Rustique Nuagé
      • Brumaire
      • Floréal
    • Traditional

      Old buildings have only endured thanks to a roof that has resisted the ravages of time and the elements. Insurance companies have paid out on too many claims and will no longer guarantee roofs made from old recycled tiles. Imerys has developed a line of replacement tiles which recreate the look of old tiles but with the guarantees of new ones. The Restauration 16/27 is destined to recreate our ancient heritage.

    • EDILIANS clay tile: Restauration 16x27
      EDILIANS clay tile: Restauration 16x27
    • Genuine and authentic

      The Restauration 16/27 was designed for the renovation of old buildings and does exactly that. Based on the style of the Berry region, it fits in perfectly with the local roofs. The Restauration 16/27 tile is fired according to an old tradition. The continuation of this ancient procedure achieves a range of incomparable colours. The effect achieved reminds us of the coloration of the old roofs of the region. The result inspires restorers and art lovers alike to combine past, present and future.

    • clay tile photo: Restauration 16x27  EDILIANS
      Clay tile Restauration 16x27 EDILIANS photo


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General characteristics

Interlock none
Installation Broken bonded
Maximum gauge 90, 95 or 100 mm
Overall length of tile 260 mm
Overall width of tile 160 mm
Cover width 160 mm
Unit weight per tile 1.2 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 62.5 to 69 depending on overlap
French codes of Practice 40-23
Production sites Grossouvre
Tile reference 502
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge Minimum gauge of 90mm=11.11 l.m. Average gauge of 95mm=10.53 l.m. Maximum gauge of 100mm=10 l.m.



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