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Marseille Poundex coloris Brun

Marseille Poundex coloris Brun
    • Picture of the Marseille Poudenx clay tile
      Marseille Poudenx clay tile photo
    • A flavour of the south

      A clay tile in the category of large format, slightly cambered tiles,with triple interlock, double overlap and variable gauge. Available on special order only

      • Brun
      • Natural Red
      • Rouge Vieilli
    • Admirable

      The Marseille Poudenx tile is made at St Geours d'Auribat in the Landes. It benefits from the quality clays found in this area of the South-West and from the know-how gathered over a hundred years.

    • EDILIANS clay tile: Marseille Poudenx
      EDILIANS clay tile: Marseille Poudenx
    • EDILIANS clay tiles : Marseille Poudenx
      EDILIANS clay tiles : Marseille Poudenx
    • From the South

      The Marseille Poudenx has a wide range of accessories which can installed dry. The colours are a reminder of the South but have spread far beyond its original frontiers.

    • Brilliant

      In the South, it is hot and sunny, the roofs often bathed in warm sunshine. A richness falling from the sky which Imerys has harnessed by developing a solar panel that is perfectly compatible with the Marseille Poudenx. Exploiting the power of the sun is simple, ecological and viable in a region where sunshine is the order of the day.

    • clay tile photo: Marseille Poudenx EDILIANS
      Clay tile Marseille Poudenx EDILIANS photo


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General characteristics

Interlock Double
Installation Broken bonded
Maximum gauge from 317 mm mini to 370 mm maxi
Overall length of tile 440 mm
Overall width of tile 255 mm
Cover width 220 mm
Unit weight per tile 3.2 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 12.5 (at gauge of 370mm)
French codes of Practice 40-21
Production sites St Geours d'Auribat
Tile reference 208
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge Minimum gauge of 317mm=3.15 l.m. Average gauge of 343mm=2.91 l.m. Maximum gauge of 370mm=2.70 l.m.



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