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IMERYS is the world leader in mineral specialities for industry. With a workforce of 16,026 employees, and a turnover in 2012 of 3,885,000,000 euros, IMERYS is number one in the world in more than 20 different fields of work, particularly in the manufacture of clay tiles for the French market.

Through Imerys Roof Tiles, Imerys has, at its disposal, a know-how that is specific to the transformation of minerals such as red clay, which allows it to offer clay tiles and other finished products, which are destined for the building sector. Robust, energy efficient and attractive, these materials are used all over the world in the construction of individual houses, either in new build or restoration work.

Imerys can offer therefore a complete range of roofing products, tiles and accessories that are consistent with local requirements, photovoltaic and solar panels, ensuring perfect watertightness thanks to an innovative system of integration into the roof.

These finished products are commercialised in France and for export by specialised distributors and builders merchants.

IMERYS Roof Tiles is founded on a major industrial heritage, as the first factory was established in Europe in 1811. It is from 1841 that one can begin to talk about industrialisation, with the Gilardoni tile factory and the invention of machine-made tiles by the Gilardoni brothers. The birthplace of the modern clay tile would later become the Huguenot Fenal brand, and subsequently IMERYS Roof Tiles.

Today IMERYS Roof Tiles consists of 13 industrial sites and relies on the expertise of its workforce as well as that of the Research and Technology teams of the IMERYS group (240 engineers and technicians, 14 laboratories) both in terms of procedures and new products.

IMERYS Roof Tiles is developing its production methods by focussing on both enhancing and increasing production.

-The Damiatte site is now automated and specialises in the production of accessories.
-Modernised installations at Pargny-sur-Saulx with firing on individual supports for improved quality.
-Recent production unit at Sainte-Foy-l’Argentiere to develop new products.

In this way, the different sites are continually being modernised in order to maintain competitivity, the overall quality of the production (respecting standards ISO, NF), the safety of its employees and respect for the environment. These demands apply equally well to the export market with a determination to offer products which are adapted to the standards and regulations of the destination market.

In addition to the French standards, IMERYS Roof Tiles products also benefit from the most demanding certification procedures of the countries to which we export: In the UK Imerys have BREEAM certification with an A+ rating. Imerys offer a unique commitment to all our international customers: a 30 year guarantee on all our products.

This undertaking allows us to enjoy the confidence of our customers around the world: Europe, Asia (China, Japan, Singapore…), USA, the Middle East are all destinations where our 60 models and 100 colours are used, and increasingly so each year.

Today, the recognised quality of products bearing the appellation Doyet, Gelis, Huguenot, Jacob, Phalempin, Poudenx, Sans and Ste Foy, grouped under the brand of IMERYS Roof Tiles, allows us to offer a complete and innovative range. And apart from tiles, the Roof Tiles section of IMERYS produces and commercialises 700 accessories and roofing elements for installation that need neither mortar nor embedding/sealing, which greatly facilitates finishing work on site.

As a player on the world stage, IMERYS Roof Tiles is particularly sensitive to the problems of sustainable development and is committed to continually improve its industrial processes. Thus, all extraction work takes place in consultation with the local population and with due respect for environmental constraints. All our sites are certified ISO 14001 and we make a point of improving our policies regarding sustainable development by respecting the standards of the Kyoto Agreement and by optimising energy consumption at our industrial sites. Thus, IMERYS Roof Tiles has committed to a real improvement in its production methods, particularly by expanding its use of bio-fuels.

We are also working towards a reinstatement of worked-out quarries in order to preserve threatened habitats, in close collaboration with local communities.


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